Ground Level


Timetable to be announced soon.

For the very first time the Dog Lovers Show is connecting our BIGGEST fans with the most loved and followed pooches of Instagram!

We have dozens of famous Insta-Pooches from all across Australia who will be taking part in the new Insta-Pooch attraction at the 2017 Dog Lovers Show.

With a funky and energetic DJ/MC to introduce the famous Insta-Pooches, the stars of the show will strut the red carpet runway in front of  puparazzi and visitors alike, and make their way to their stylish throne.

Our visitors will have the opportunity to meet the stars of Insta-Pooch, have a little pat and take a snap to share across their own Instagram page.

If you would like know more about how you can be involved please contact Louise on (03) 9696 9961 or via email at [email protected]