Things to look out for when buying pet insurance

The cost of veterinary treatment can sometimes be high, which is leading many Australian pet owners to invest in pet insurance. There are a few important things to consider before signing up for an insurance plan to make sure you get the best coverage available for you and your dog. Are there breeds that are […]

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4 Tips to Maintain Dogs Mental Health

The mental life of Dogs has not had much attention. But we are learning about the mental health of humans, other animals and Dogs all the time and we know there are things that we can do. So here are 4 things worth considering and implementing for your Dog.

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10 greyhound myths busted

There’s a reason why they’re known as ‘70km couch potatoes’: greyhounds love sleeping. On the rare occasions they are caught upright, these guys would rather be eating or playing than joining you on a strenuous hike or 10km run.

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