Rescue Dog Art Exhibit


Royal ICC (Upstairs)


9:30am – 5pm daily.

Visitors could study the faces of 100 Brisbane Rescue Dogs painted with incredible detail.

Stephen Gallagher is a talented Brisbane artist who spent a year painting 100 local rescue Dogs to help raise awareness for adoption. His skill and passion drove us to reach out and ask Stephen to be part of our first Brisbane Dog Lovers Show and his brilliant works were on display for visitors to view alongside the Dog Adoption Zone.

Take it from us, every portrait of the 100 rescue Dogs was unique and they perfectly portray the range of emotions these Dogs feel and share with the world.

Using the power of art, my aim is to represent the many shelter Dogs throughout Brisbane and inspire Australians to adopt one of these animals. Having been a Dog owner most of my life, I understand the unique bond that humans and Dogs share. There is no doubt that humans benefit from the company of Dogs and they, in turn, thrive on human contact and friendship. A Dog without a home is a tragic creature. In collaboration with the Animal Welfare League of Queensland (AWLQLD) my aim was to capture 100 Dogs on canvas that have come through the shelter through 2016-17 and share their unique souls with the world.” – Stephen G.