KONG Celebrity Vet Stage


Royal ICC (Upstairs)


10:15am – 4:15pm daily

Download The Kong Celebrity Vet Stage 2017 Timetable (pdf 3 MB)

Get expert tips for a healthy, happy Dog with educational & entertaining talks covering training, behaviour & preventative healthcare for your Pooch!

There will be a great line up of celebrity vets in 2017 plus join the beautiful KONG Dogs and handlers to learn some clever, fun and stimulating ways to train your Dog with a KONG toy with daily prizes to be won!

The Brisbane 2017 KONG Celebrity Vet Stage features some of Australia’s most reputable Vets in Australia, with talks including:

  • Australia’s much-loved celebrity vet Dr Chris Brown will wow you once again with two incredible talks to help you better care for your Best Friend. He’ll teach you ‘How to help your Dog live longer’ and ‘How to make the ultimate Dog friendly backyard’.
  • Dr Katrina Warren & The Wonderdogs will teach you how ‘Your Dog can be a Wonderdog’ by showing what it took to make the Wonderdogs such talented tricksters.
  • Animal behaviourist Dr Jacqui Ley will walk you through ‘Depression & Anxiety in Dogs’ showing how you can provide your Best Friend with a happy and healthy life.
  • Rodney Gooch & the KONG Dogs will show you how to challenge, train and stimulate your Dog with the right tricks and toys.