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Join us in paying Tribute to Australia’s Military Working Dogs at this first Brisbane Show.

To acknowledge the 100 year anniversary of WW1 and the ANZAC Centenary, we presented a special tribute to Australian Military Working Dogs (MWD’s) at our 2015 shows and we’re brining this tribute to the all new Brisbane show.

The feature will again showcase the wonderful contribution that Australian Dogs have made in war throughout the world for many decades with daily seminars (timetable announced shortly).

Located inside the entry to the event, this major feature will space an entire section of the show with a wide range of historical information including war veterans that have served alongside Military Working Dogs.

Visitors will also be able to purchase the Purple Poppies and Australian War Dog coins from within the Tribute area to commemorate the service of War Animals and all funds will be donated to MWD’s.

We would like to acknowledge the ongoing support of Nigel Allsopp who worked closely with us on the Tribute and helped provide a lot of the information. Nigel is one of the most respected and vocal ambassadors for Dogs in the country having worked extensively with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and the Police Dog Squad. Nigel is also the founder of the Australian War Animal Organisation (AWAMO), has just launched his new book ‘Australian War Animals 100 Years On’ and his biography is below.

RTF4Nigel will be presenting at the event each day with Sapper Shaun Ward  who will be providing insights into his modern Military War Dog skills.

Shaun is pictured here (left) with Explosive Ordnance Detection Dog Ozzy ready to board a helicopter at the site of the patrol base north of Tarin Kowt in Afghanistan

Twice deployed on operations in Afghanistan in 2008 and 2010 as an Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) Handler, Shaun enlisted in the Australian Defence Force in April 2004 as a combat engineer. He was deployed to East Timor in 2006 as part of a defence platoon acting in the Infantry role and completed his Dog course in 2007. He has also undertaken his Dog supervisor’s course and was discharged from the regular army in 2013. Shaun became a Reserve in 2 Combat Engineers Regiments EDD Section where he commanded a section during the G20 summit.

Following is a quick summary of what you will see within the Military Working Dog Tribute:

  • Information on the history of MWDs and some of the important roles they have played such as detection, tracking, early warning, asset and personnel protection and helping veterans overcome post-traumatic stress.
  • Timeline detailing the location and dates of many wars and operations where military working dogs have played an important role including WW1, WW2, Korea, Malaya, Vietnam, Somalia, East Timor, Bougainville, Solomon Islands and Afghanistan.
  • Photo’s presenting a range of incredible images of Dogs in war and conflicts.
  • Information on what makes a good Dog Handler in the military and the future of MWD’s
  • Detailed profiles on some of Australia’s most decorated and famous military Dogs including Horrie, Sarbi, Tiber, Herbie and Smoky the war Dog with images and some of the medals they were awarded.
  • Representatives from the military and police dog squad presenting stories and information on Dogs in war with an opportunity for visitor engagement

To view many of the large information posters that are presented within the Military Working Dog Tribute click on the links below:

PicMonkey CollageDogs in War- A long history (part 1)
Dogs in War – A long history (part 2)
Military Working Dog roles
Dogs serving the Aust Defence Force
Famous Australian Dogs of War -Smoky
Famous Australian Dogs of War – Horrie
Famous Australian Dogs of War – Tiber
Famous Australian Dogs of War – Herbie
Famous Australian Dogs of War – Sarbi (part 1)
Famous Australian Dogs of War – Sarbi (part 2)
Famous Australian Dogs of War – Quake & Devil
Australian Army Tracker Dogs – South Vietnam (part 1)
Australian Army Tracker Dogs – South Vietnam (part 2)
Australian Defence Force Trackers & War Dogs Association
Royal Australian Airforce Dogs (RAAF)
World War 1
World War 2
Korean War and Malayan Emergency
East Timor & Solomon Islands
Australian War Animal Memorial Association
Australian Military Working Dog Medals
Dog Handlers
Australian Military Working Dogs Future

Nigel Allsopp – Biography

Nigel Allsopp.jpeg Nigel Allsopp gives up his time freely to so many different causes and is a true volunteer and humanitarian. He is a vocal ambassador for the establishment of Animal Memorials and his passion for the recognition of the voiceless is truly inspirational. He is the founder of the Australian War Animal Organization Inc, a not-for-profit organisation which aims to promote the establishment of plaques or other animal memorials at Parks, RSL’s or Local and Federal Government sites.

Nigel is President of the Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation, a war veteran and is currently serving as a Queensland Police Dog handler.

He has worked with many different animals at International Zoos and held several positions with the Australasian Zoological Society. Nigel is a much sought after guest speaker and lectured at private and government institutions.

He is also a published author of seven war animal novels the profits of which were used to buy the operational war dog medals for Australian service dogs. The profits of Nigel’s books “Smoky the War Dog” go towards the Australian Army Rehabilitation Centre for wounded soldiers and helps fund two dogs used there for the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder program.

Major Kendall Crocker – Biography

MAJ Kendall CrockerMajor Kendall Crocker has also been a great supporter of the MWD Tribute and we would like to acknowledge his contribution. Major Kendall is the Australian Army Veterinary Officer at the School of Military Engineering (SME) at Holsworthy in Sydney. He is posted to the Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) Section where all of the Army’s EDDs and their Handlers are trained. His responsibilities include providing routine veterinary care to EDDs and training of EDD Handlers in the care, welfare and first-aid of their dogs.

Major Crocker is one of only a small number of Veterinarians in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and is the only Australian military officer employed full-time in a veterinary role. In addition to his responsibilities at SME, Major Crocker has worked with personnel from all ADF military working dog (MWD) organisations.

Major Crocker has deployed in a veterinary role to Afghanistan, the Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines. He has also supported Army projects in outback Australia, providing veterinary care to Indigenous communities. Major Crocker also works part time in the Directorate of Army Health at Army Headquarters in Canberra where he provides expert input into Army veterinary policy, doctrine and capability development.

Major Crocker graduated as a Veterinary Surgeon from the University of Melbourne in 1989 and spent most of his civilian veterinary career running his own veterinary practice in country Tasmania. He now lives in Canberra with his fiancée Kim and has been working on developing veterinary capability within the ADF for the last 4 years. He is committed to ensuring our military working dogs enjoy the highest standards of health care and welfare while in the service of our country. He is a member of the Australian Veterinary Association and the special interest groups: Australian Veterinarians for Animal Welfare and Ethics, Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association and the Australian Veterinary Behaviour Interest Group.

If you have any stories, images or information you would like to contribute to the 2017 Tribute then please contact us on (03) 9696 9961 or via email:[email protected]