Outdoor Plaza


10:30am – 4:30pm daily.

Download The Royal Canin Arena 2017 Timetable (pdf 4 MB)

The Royal Canin Arena featured some of Australia’s most talented Dogs in action!

The ROYAL CANIN® Arena program for the 2017 Brisbane Show blew Dog Lovers of all ages away.

Here’s a snapshot of the ROYAL CANIN® Arena shows from the 2017 event (full timetable below):

  • Dr Chris Brown hosted the ‘Meet the Breeds‘ showcase where visitors could discover & learn more about some truly fascinating Dogs.
  • Dr Katrina Warren & the Wonderdogs presented their brand new show: ‘The Wonderdogs go on Holiday!’
  • Rodney Gooch and his amazing Krush Krew showed off their new UpDog challenge show – a Frisbee and Agility competition combined!
  • The incredible Hero Dog Tribute arena show highlighted the talents of some incredible service Dogs that enrich our lives throughout the community. It was hosted by Dog lover, champion for animal welfare and Neighbours/Home & Away star, Andrew Morley (official ambassador for the Hero Dog Tribute).
  • Visitors cheered on the K9 Weave Pole – Sprint Challenge – a high-energy relay competition that involved some of the country’s most talented Dogs!