Do you like pawprints? Do you like jewellery?

We have combined the two in a range of gorgeous pawprint jewellery.  Available in nickel free, stainless steel, our most popular pawprint pendant (See image) is now also available in Rose GP and Yellow GP.  The range includes anklets, bracelets, charms, earrings, pendants, memorial pendants, rings and more.  They make great gifts, or why not show how much you love your dog by wearing matching pawprints?

At MaxxWell Australia we care about the wellness of dogs.  So, we source products with magnets, specialising in Anxiety and Arthritis.  Why magnets?  Because we prefer something natural and something that has been around for centuries.  For dogs with separation/storm anxiety we suggest the Water Magnets ($59-$79).  For dogs with arthritis, and/or other physical ailments, we suggest the Waterproof Harness ($89) with integrated magnets or our Collar Magnets ($55-$79).

Our products are worn by us and our dogs.  We see the difference magnets make in our daily life and in that of our precious dogs.  Come and talk to us about our personal experiences at Stand 974 (Upstairs).  Woof!


Stand Number: 974

New Product

Aquabandit is ear protection for dogs that love to swim and are prone to ear infections.  Aquabandit is available in either black or blue and comes in four sizes.  RRP is $41-$45.