Why the name “Podengo”?
‘Podengo de Mostra’ was used in Portugal to describe a pack-hunting dog as early as the 16th century. As there is no word for ‘hound’ in the Portuguese language, this was later shortened to Podengo and specifically referred to these primitive, prick-eared, multi-sensory, pack-hunting dogs.


 The Portuguese Podengo is the national breed of Portugal. It is a primitive type hound whose origin is thought to be from dogs such as the Pharaoh Hound from Egypt, brought by Phoenicians and Romans to the Iberian Peninsula in ancient times.

The Podengo has developed over many centuries to be specifically suited to the rigors of the Portuguese climate and terrain, resulting in an exceptionally healthy, versatile, natural rabbit hunter able to flush rabbits from dense brush and rock crevices. The breed has an acute sense of smell, sharp vision, and keen hearing and uses all of these senses along with speed, agility and endurance in a unique hunting style.

The small Podengo also travelled the world, keeping rodent numbers down on the ships of the Portuguese explorers, including Magellan and Vasco da Gama, from the 15th century on.

The Podengo is now also a great companion & it excels in obedience, agility, lure coursing and other performance sports as well as being used as therapy dogs.


Breed Personality, Characteristics & Temperament

 The small Portuguese Podengo is a clever, active and agile dog with a happy disposition and a great personality. They are entertaining & enchanting and there is never a dull moment when there is a Podengo around. They are a loving breed and love to please their human. They are very attentive, so they are easily trained. The small Podengo make wonderfully loyal companions and are fearless and protective of their family. They do not bark excessively but will bark to alarm.

The small Portuguese Podengo has a lively, intelligent expression with pricked ears and a body that is well proportioned, muscular and agile. Colour ranges from a rich red to a light sandy fawn with or without white trim. It is also found in chocolate and black.

Two coat types – smooth and wire haired.


Compatibility with Other Pets

 The small Podengo is a pack oriented breed and thrives in the company of other dogs, other pets & their two legged family. They get on well with all other animals, large & small.


Care Requirements

 The small Portuguese Podengo is a robust, healthy and hardy breed with low care requirements. Their single coat does not shed much so a regular bath and brush will remove loose hair and a regular nail clip will keep nails short. There is a need for some exercise and mental stimulation to satisfy their instinct to learn. The Podengo is versatile and adaptable and just as happy with city or country lifestyles.


Ideal Owners

 Families, couples or singles who would like to share their life with the ideal companion dog.


Average Life Span

 15 + years


Average Size & Weight

 Small – 20 – 30 cm approx. 5-6kgs Medium – 40 – 55 cm approx. 16-20kgs Large – 55 – 70cm approx. 20-30kgs In Conclusion

The Portuguese Podengo is a lively, intelligent, hardy breed that makes a happy, healthy and fun companion for all ages and lifestyles.


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