Raw Feeders’ Kitchen was created by a team of pet parents and passionate raw feeders, who aim to make best available food for our own dogs and cats, as well as to share our quality food with other pet parents.

At Raw Feeders’ Kitchen, we are all about raw feeding. We actively promote raw feeding, sharing our own experience, knowledge and research, supply human grade raw materials , and we produce complete & balanced, stress free raw diets.

Our website – www.rawfeederskitchen.com – and social media platforms provide easy-to-understand raw feeding information, guidance and helpful tips, perfect for raw feeding beginners, as well as experienced raw feeders and animal health advocates seeking more detailed scientific research articles.

Our PROUDI® range of pre-made raw frozen patties has been formulated with love and care, by our team in conjunction with certified Animal Nutritionist and CSIRO Food Scientist, to provide our dogs and cats with complete and balanced nutrition that exceeds all three major international nutritional guidelines – AAFCO, FEDIAF and NRC.

PROUDI® patties are made from all natural and human grade ingredients, featuring a variety of animal proteins, with highest possible inclusion of meat, organs and bone. PROUDI® represents the highest standard of commercially available pre-packaged raw food.

The CARNIVO® range features human grade raw ingredients from different animal sources, which is perfect for DIY raw feeders who normally struggle in sourcing good quality, multiple variety, yet cost effective raw materials for home made diets. Our customers are thrilled by the ultimate selection of meat, offal and bones from CARNIVO®, and their pets just enjoy the feast!

With Raw Feeders’ Kitchen, raw feeding was never so easy.

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Free gifts with any purchase from the all new PROUDI® range of raw frozen diets for dogs and cats!

New Product

PROUDI® – Australia’s first NRC-standard, 100% naturally complete and balanced raw frozen food for dogs and cats!

Individually packed, calorie-controlled portions made from 100% human-grade, whole food ingredients. With more than 96% meat, organs and bone in every meal, PROUDI® represents the highest standard of commercially available pre-packaged raw food.