As sponsors of the Arena at the Dog Lovers Show, Royal Canin are pioneers in precise nutrition and continue to develop specific nutrition to suit the different sizes, breeds and lifestyles of dogs and cats.

Every Royal Canin product is based on extensive knowledge gained through years of study ensuring every nutrient is tailored to shape a healthier lifestyle and future for your pet.

As different sized dogs have different health requirements they require different and specific nutrition. The differences in size, breed and lifestyle matters when it comes to the way they pick up their food, chew and digest it. Also, how much they eat and how often they exercise.

Royal Canin have therefore, developed a Size Health Nutrition and Breed Health Nutrition range to make it easy to choose a diet that is precisely right for your best friend. The Size Health Nutrition range is made up of 4 categories that are based on the size and weight of your dog; Mini, Medium, Maxi and Giant. Within each size there is a diet for each stage of life depending on their age and also if they have any specific needs such as, a tendency to put on weight, digestive concerns or sensitive skin.

Stand Number: 900

Show Specials

ROYAL CANIN® nutrition experts will be out and about between each arena session to chat to visitors about super premium nutrition with the opportunity to enter an exclusive Dog Lovers Show competition and get free samples of their healthy treat for dogs and puppies, Educ.