Welcome to the SavourLife family!

We may look like a big company from the outside, but on the inside we’re just a small, family-owned, Australian company trying to make a difference. We are no multi-billion dollar, multi-national corporation. In fact we are the exact opposite…and we think that’s a good thing!

There’s no marketing machine, no flash TV ads, no celebrity spokesperson. We invest in using the freshest, most natural ingredients and in helping pet rescue organisations all over the country. We make delicious, all-natural, Australian-made food for your best friend and donate 50% of our profits to pet rescue groups; helping them save and re-home abandoned dogs Australia-wide.

Thanks for joining us on our mission to save rescue dogs!

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Including our new Gluten-Free food range.  Get a food and treat bundle for only $25 (save up to 40%)

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Our Gluten-Free with Ancient Grains food range!