At Suppawtive Health Solutions, we specialise in understanding your pets nutritional needs and health conditions. We are qualified, registered therapists that can recommend natural, holistic solutions to support your pets recovery. We are also qualified in animal massage to assist with soft tissue injury and age related conditions.

Suppawtive Health Solutions are qualified, registered animal health practitioners who are passionate about your pets physical and emotional wellbeing. We specialise in understanding your pet and their individual needs so we can provide customised advice on nutrition and holistic treatment plans based on natural therapies that promote a long and healthy life. Natural therapies, which include herbal remedies and flower essences support self-healing from ailments that frequent our pets and assist the body return to full health. We help you by providing advice on your pets specific nutritional needs and supportive treatments and supplements that enable the body to function properly, prevent disease, treat illness, optimise health and wellbeing. We take a holistic approach to treating your pet which means that we don’t just treat the symptoms of a diagnosed illness but we treat the cause of it to prevent it reoccurring.

We offer a range of packages and individual consults to suit you and your pets needs from puppy/kitten to senior pets. We are also qualified Canine Bowen Therapists so we are able to assist your pet with age related muscular problems and return them to health after a soft tissue injury

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