How to Calm Pet Anxiety, relieve noise stress and restore your pets behaviour with special species-specific music. on stand 954 will introduce a new innovative tool to Dog Lovers and Pet Professionals at the Dog Lovers Show.

Veterinary Research shows anxiety stress as the number 1 cause leading to pet illness.

A scientific research study by Pet Acoustics measured each of the pet species hearing sensitivity and how sounds trigger pet behaviour.

Our pets hearing is up to 3 times more sensitive compared to the human audible range. Explaining why cats and dogs suddenly alert to sounds well before humans realise a sound is heard.

What pets hear does influence their behaviour.

The study foundered Pet Tunes, science-based music composed specially for the acute hearing range of each pet species, then digitally modified to divert stress induced behaviours in Dogs, Cats, Horses and pet Birds.

Pet Tunes for Canines is specific music composed for dogs to calm separation anxiety, excessive barking, reduce noise phobias, travel stress  and restore your dogs behavioural balance to a relaxed wellbeing.

Animals use sound and volume as their tool for survival. Pet Tunes creates a sonic environment around the home, or out and about, that’s natural for dogs to reduce fear. will be demonstrating Pet Tunes species-specific music for Dogs, Cats, Horses and pet Birds at the Dog Lovers Show in Brisbane.

Truely an amazing product, Pet Tunes is recognised as a break through for pet wellbeing and animal behaviour management.

Easy tool to use (you’ll become your pets hero), clinically proven and approved by veterinarians worldwide.

Stand Number: 954

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New Product

Introducing New innovative tool to calm separation anxiety, excessive barking, travel stress, reduce noise phobic behaviour triggered by thunderstorms, fireworks and restores your dogs behavioural balance. Pet Tunes is music specific for dogs hearing frequency and portable to use anywhere.

Ultra Calmer Stress relief dog Collar – a natural solution for dogs that suffer from anxiety triggered by thunderstorms, fireworks and noise phobias.