Our motto is “One meal to feed us all” and the philosophy behind it is that our pets are part of our family unit when it comes to feeding them.

Dr Malina Fielder, BVsc, business owner and founder of the Modified Human Diet for Dogs (MHD), has researched and created diet plans for feeding dogs with all natural food ingredients calculated in grams; the most convenient and easy way to follow a diet plan and create your own home made meals for your dogs.

Veganism in dog nutrition and creating meals based entirely on plant protein is equally as valuable as any other complete and balanced food for dogs and Dr Fielder has also researched and written a vegan diet plan for your best friend.

  • Invite your dog into your kitchen, and feed them freshly made meals, with whole food ingredients for their best health benefit.
  • Save time by preparing one meal for you and your furry friend.
  • Learn how to simply modify your meal to be able to feed your furry friend with the same food you eat. (Hence “Modified Human Diet”).

Book your holistic nutritionist consultation with Dr Malina Fielder directly who is a practising vet in a holistic clinic in Brisbane.

Dr Malina Fielder will also be personally presenting workshops where you can learn to prepare healthy meals for your pets.  Find out more on www.petdiets.expert

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New Product

Nano Tech vitality collar for dogs, to neutralized pathogenic radiations and protect dog’s healthy energy.