Vets All Natural now offering more options for a Natural Diet….introducing Balanced Life.

Since 1996, when our Founder, Vet & Pet Nutritionist, Dr Bruce Syme created Complete Mix, it has been the cornerstone of the Vets All Natural range. Complete Mix is a raw, fully natural, preservative free “museli” which, when soaked with water, mimics the gut content of a prey animal.  Mixed with preservative free fresh meat, it’s the perfect balanced diet, based on what canines and felines have been eating for millions of years. By adding a couple of raw meaty bones each week, you will be feeding what Mother Nature intended.

Balanced Life Air Dried Raw –

Balanced Life was created using the powerful principles of raw pet food nutrition to offer pets an eating experience like that of their ancestors in the wild. By combining single meat proteins, organs and oils with natural fruits and vegetables, your dog receives a savoury mix that boosts the immune system, promotes healthy digestion and increases their quality of life.

Our expertly created formula, developed in conjunction with respected Australian veterinarian and pet nutritionist Dr Bruce Syme, has been designed to provide a fully balanced, complete and natural raw food diet to help your four-legged friends be the healthiest and happiest they can be.

Completely gluten and grain-free, the food is especially advantageous to animals that have any intolerances or allergies to traditional pet food.

Samples will be available of Balanced Life and Complete Mix. We look forward to meeting you to discuss the best diet options for your Dog.

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