We believe in food that is as real and honest as the bonds people have with their pets.

Every owner knows that the loving bond with their pet can always be strengthened with a treat or two. At VitaPet we pride ourselves on making snacks with real ingredients. That means sourcing the best ingredients to make the everyday care of pets as good as can be. While that might mean a bit more work, we know it’s all worth it to create something as real as the bonds we share. It means doing the right thing by Australia’s dogs to keep them healthy – whether that’s with our natural snacks or just educating pet parents on the best solutions for them. Because at VitaPet, we’ve always done what’s best for pets. And we’re not stopping anytime soon.

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Show Specials

At this year’s show, VitaPet is excited to be sampling our Dental+ product plus free doggy bandanas for our best mates at home!

New Product

Dogs can suffer from gum (periodontal) disease just like people, and it’s not something to ignore. Dental problems in dogs can lead to loss of appetite and broken or lost teeth, and it may even damage other organs if bacteria get into the bloodstream through diseased gums.

Professional cleanings and brushing your dog’s teeth are great ways to maintain oral health, but special dog treats or diets may also help.

Dogs that chew actively have less plaque build-up. Dental Plus treats fed on a regular basis can reduce plaque by nearly 70%. How do they do this? Simply the mechanical chewing action along with the active ingredients found in our toothpastes can make a world of difference.

Introducing VitaPet’s Dental+: The only dental treat on the market that has a combination of true functional ingredients that actually help in mouth & teeth health and as an aid in plaque reduction instead of just purely relying on the ‘scrubbing action’ as a dental care.

  • Mint core = great taste & fresh breath!
  • Shape engineered for maximum tartar removal
  • 50% longer lasting, better dental health
  • Packed with genuine medical ingredients