White Swiss Shepherd are relative new-comers to pure breed Dogs in Australia.

The white Swiss shepherd dogs effortless movement, stunning white coat and striking expression are among the breeds’ most endearing qualities, while the breeds call back to old German shepherd structure and gentle nature has seen its popularity as a pet increase right across Australia. The White Swiss Shepherd Club of Queensland has been formed to bring Queensland owners of this stunning breed together and to help potential buyers connect with responsible breeders and the perfect new member for their families.


The White Swiss Shepherd dog is a relative new-comer to pure breed dogs in Australia.  Originally from White German Shepherd lines, White Swiss Shepherds were established as a separate breed in the 90’s and first recognised in by the FCI in 2002.


A large dog with a gentle nature identifiable by their effortless movement, stunning white coat and striking expression.


  • Grooming Needs:  Requires regular washing and brushing to remove dead coat and prevent matting.
  • Coat Type:  Medium to long double coat.
  • Moulting:  Heavy shedding all year round.
  • Exercise Needs: White Swiss Shepherds require regular exercise and mental stimulation in the form of play and training.
  • Average Life Span: 10-14 years.


  • Family:  Very family orientated breed.  Ideal as a family pet, very much a part of the family pack.  Will develop a close bond.
  • Temperament:  Even temperament, playful and willing to please.  Tends towards shyness towards strangers and in strange places.
  • Trainability:  The White Swisses will to please means they are easy to train.  They require regular training to maintain balanced temperament.  Socialisation is the key.
  • Sociability (Other Pets):  Generally get along with cats and dogs of similar size.  Whites are known to get along well together at Social Days.
  • Barking:  Tendency to guard bark.


While able to turn their noses at most dog sports, they are normally a lie at your feet dog.  White Swisses play hard and nap hard, so as long as they are with you they are happy.

Excel at Tracking, Agility, Dancing with Dogs, Lure Coursing, Assistance Dogs and Rescue Work.


White swisses are a very healthy breed, with few genetic diseases and good hips and joints.

Stand Number: B682