The Dog Lovers Show places animal welfare and the safe interaction of Dogs and people at its highest priority.

We appreciate that an important part of the visitor experience is interaction with Dogs, so for the sake of all the Dogs at the Show, we have developed the following visitor guidelines for the welfare and safety of every Dog at the Show.

Every Dog in the Show needs every visitor (and infants/children in your care) to respect and abide by the following important guidelines for everyone’s sake:

  1. In all cases, please seek permission from the owner/handler before approaching or interacting with any Dog at the show.
  2. Please respect the signs on each stands advising ”You must ask permission and supervision by the person in control prior to approaching any Dog on this stand.”
  3. We encourage you to use the hand-sanitiser available at various points throughout the show (after patting each Dog) to prevent any bio-hazards being passed from animal to animal and humans.
  4. If you see a Dog sleeping or behind a barrier, crate, rope-line or fence please don’t approach or pat the Dog without the owner’s permission. It’s likely the Dog has been put here for a rest or the owner doesn’t wish for that Dog to be handled by the public.
  5. Please ensure that all infants and children in your care are closely monitored to ensure they are not approaching or handling any Dogs at the event without your supervision and adherence to these rules.
  6. Listen out for general PA announcements throughout the show with regards to Dog safety and welfare messages.
  7. If you see any Dog under stress or have any concerns whatsoever regarding Dog welfare please report this to staff at the Info Desk located under the Dome or to security.
  8. We have dedicated staff roving the show to monitor Dog safety and welfare including a vet on-site at all times.

We will also ensure that every Dog in the event has a bed to rest on, a place to get some quiet time away from crowds, plenty of water at all times and have all been vetted for behavior and health.

We even have a number of dedicated ‘Animal Welfare’ staff and dedicated vets roving the event to ensure that all the Dogs in the Show are being taken care of, never under stress and happy.