Ground Level


9:30am – 5pm daily.

Download Melbourne 2018 Royal Canin Arena Timetable (pdf 686 KB)

The pinnacle of K9 sporting prowess comes to a head for the inaugural 2018 Common Woof Games – launching into action in the Royal Canin Arena. a featuring some of Australia’s most talented sporting K9s in action!

Hosted by none other than Farmer Dave Graham, the Common Woof Games brought together the most elite four-legged sporting talents in Australia, representing four countries across the Commonwealth. K9s competed across ball-sports to track and field events that excited and inspired everyone at the Show even Australia’s much loved celebrity vet Dr Harry Cooper came to co-host and join in on the action!

With an opening ceremony headlining Dr Katrina Warren with Kelly Gill & the talented Wonderdogs, alongside entertainment by Rodney Gooch and his height defying 4 Paws Sports Team, visitors had to schedule their stay around this exhilarating spectacle – which was presented daily in the Royal Canin Arena.

Here’s a highlight of each of the competitions that took place in the Royal Canin Arena as part of the Common Woof Games


Dog Socca

There are no show-ponies in the Common Woof Games, these K9 talents are primed for pole pawsition with only have one mission in mind –score as many goals as they can in a nonstop, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shootout.

Weight Pull

These proud pooches have been training hard. Bulked, primed and ready for action, each of these representative draught-dawgs will pull a weight-laden cart in a bid to reach the finish line first and
fly their flag. Get your #doyouevenlift tags ready to go as these tough tackers trawl home with the

Dog Vault

Gravity-defying and awe-inspiring, these spring-loaded athletes scale a wall in rapid-fire form. It’s fast paced, exhilarating and will have you on the edge of your seat cheering them on.

Dog Basketball

This is one sport notorious for favouring six-footers, but not in the Common Woof Games. In a game of skill – the Michael Jordan’s, LeBron James’s and Stephen Curry’s of the dog world will show off some hoop-time in a shoot-out guaranteed to have the NBA’s draft selectors scouting!

MiniDog Hurdles

Endurance, speed and accuracy are the secret formula for success, and watch as these incredible dogs coordinate not two, but four lead and trail legs without missing a beat, judging the exact moment to take-off efficiently and aerodynamically and make it home as the winning woofer.

Javelin Dodge

Ragnar Lothbrok called and he wants his Viking warrior dogs back. Poached straight from the training grounds of the elite, these tough-as-nails woofletes duck, weave and race though blunt javelins released by their human coaches against the clock!

Barrel Racing

There ain’t no cowboys here – these courageous and clever Common Woof canines don’t
sweat the small stuff as they traverse three barrels in a clover-leaf pattern defying time
and circling just centimetres away from penalties.

Discus Throw

If you’ve ever tied to catch a Malteser with your mouth you will understand the challenge of eye-mouth coordination. Well imagine a world where your hands are your mouth, and admire these incredibly coordinated K9’s as they aim to catch as many frisbees as possible against the clock. Watch as they duck and weave and find optimum position – primed for the mark-of-the-moment in a bid to secure the gold medal!