Ground Level


9:30am – 5pm daily.

Download 2018 Royal Canin Arena Timetable (pdf 5 MB)

The Common Woof Games is coming to the Royal Canin Arena featuring some of Australia’s most talented sporting K9s in action!

We are excited to announce the following program has been confirmed in the Royal Canin Arena at the 2018 Melbourne event:

  • The Common Woof Games presented by Farmer Dave Graham brings together some of Australia’s top sporting Dogs to compete in a medley of family fun filled sporting events from Socca and Barrell Racing to Hurdles and Vaulting!
  • Dr Katrina Warren with Kelly Gill & the talented Wonderdogs kick things off with an opening ceremony each morning and also provide half-time entertainment with a brand new show!
  • Rodney Gooch and his amazing 4 Paws Sports Team will debut their new High Jump competition – an exhilirating competition of leaps and bounds.

Here’s a highlight of each of the competitions taking in the Royal Canin Arena as part of the Common Woof Games

Dog Socca

All 4 teams go head to head to score as many goals as they can in a nonstop shootout.


Each Dog team pulls their laden cart patriotically flying their nation’s flag.


An exhilirating rapid fire up the wall, one Dog at a time, in super-fast succession.

MiniDog Hurdles

It’s the little tackers time to race over the hurdles in an awesome finish to the show.

Dog Basketball

One large hoop and four team compete to get as many basket balls in as possible.

Javelin Dodge

Dogs weaving through javelins thrown by our sportsman and racing back.

Barrel Racing

Dogs and jockeys racing team against team.


Each team races against the clock to catch as many discs thrown as possible.