Vitapet Arena



10:00am – 4:30pm daily.

The 2022 Melbourne Dog Lovers Show presents the Vitapet Arena with a wide array of talented K9s, new shows and the all-time favourites!

Who’s the smartest, most nimble, steadfast and just plain FASTEST dog on the block?!

Stand by for the answer to that question as the Vitapet Arena brings out the best in our best friends this year in Melbourne! Just look at this line-up…

Dave Graham and his K9 Ninja Dogs will go paw-to-paw in the greatest obstacle course ever created for dogs, racing across ladders, bouncing between platforms and jumping through hoops in the most paw-some Ninja Dogs comp ever!

Dr Katrina Warren, Kelly Gill and Australia’s smartest dogs, the WONDERDOGS, open the doors to their very own WONDERDOG ACADEMY, where potential WONDERDOGS are trained by the expert team of professional border collies.

Lucy Karbowiak and Emily Lyons’ Flying Fast Flyball will get everyone’s blood pumping! Just like drag racing but with lots of pizazz. Can a chihuahua run faster than a border collie? We’ll see for ourselves!

Next, we take our eyes to the sky for the High Flying Frisbee! The team of High Flying Dogs are experts in all things frisbee, from jumping three metres into the arms of trainers Lucy and Emily, to leaping off their trainers to catch a frisbee.

Dave Graham and Lara Shannon’s Temptation Alley will see dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds dodge a range of tantalising temptations, before racing into the arms of their fur-parents!

View the full program timetable and biographies of our human presenters, below.