Vitapet Arena



10:00am – 4:30pm daily.

The 2022 Melbourne Dog Lovers Show presents the VitaPet Arena with a wide array of talented K9s, new shows and the all-time favourites!

Visitors can catch hours of K9-inspired, fur-wrapped entertainment in the Vitapet Arena from some of the country’s most talented Dogs, many of whom have trained for months leading up to the 2022 show…

Farmer Dave Graham will present the K9 Ninja – ‘DOGlympic Edition’, with Dogs racing across ladders, bouncing between platforms and jumping through hoops.

Rodney Gooch returns with the 4 Paws Team with more details to be released shortly!

Grab the op-paw-tunity to see Katrina Warren, Kelly Gill and the incredible Wonderdogs!

Following is a quick overview of our human presenters and you can check out more details on each show in the timetable at the bottom of this page: 

About Dr Katrina Warren, Kelly Gill & The Wonderdogs: Much-loved TV vet Dr Katrina Warren has teamed up with professional trainer Kelly Gill and the Wonderdogs again. A team of impeccably-trained chocolate Border Collies and new kid on the block Alex the Papillon, they are ready to bow-wow-wow you with their new party tricks. Kids will LOVE this show.

A quick insight into Farmer Dave Graham: He’s bred, raised, trained, coached and loved tens of thousands of Dogs throughout Australia and around the world. This year, we can’t wait to see Dogs from around Australia competing in his new K9 Ninja – Olympic Edition as they race across ladders, bounce between platforms, jump through hoops and more!

Get to know Rodney Gooch & the 4 Paws Team: ‘Goochy’, as he’s known, has trained Dogs for 25 years, specialising in TV and film work, trick and target training, solving K9 behaviour problems, as well as presenting extreme Dog sports. Be ready to be WOWed at the 2021 Dog Lovers Show with a brand new Dog sport!

View the full program timetable and biographies shortly.