Hero Dog Tribute


Upstairs - Gallery level


9:30am – 5pm daily.

The Hero Dog Tribute returns to the 2018 Melbourne Dog Lovers Show, celebrating incredible Dogs that do incredible things to enrich our lives!

From Working & Military Dogs to Therapy & Assistance Dogs, the Hero Dog Tribute showcased the incredible skills and abilities of service Dogs and the contribution they make to improve the lives of thousands of people in our community every day. A Hero Dog is also an ‘everyday hero’ that might enrich the lives of it’s owner, family or the wider community.

Following is a brief overview of just some of the Hero Dogs we paid tribute to at the 2018 Show via large information panels located throughout the event:

Working Dogs

Working Dogs are not merely a pet but are trained to learn and perform tasks to assist us.

Detailed information on the following Working Dogs presented in the Tribute: Military Working Dogs, Customs & Border Security Dogs, Guard & Security Dogs, Search & Rescue Dogs, Police, Fire & Tracking Dogs, Herding & Sled Dogs, Conservation & Detection Dogs and even Truffle Dogs!


Therapy Dogs 

Trained to provide affection & comfort, Therapy Dogs include a wide range of talented K9’s that improve lives across the Australian community.

Detailed information on the following Therapy Dogs presented in the Tribute: Psychiatric Service Dogs, Facility Dogs working in hospitals, prisons, rehabilitation clinics & schools, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Service Dogs, Therapeutic Visitation Dogs, Emotional Support and Youth Development Dogs.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance Dogs are trained to aid or assist an individual and many are trained by an assistance Dog organisation, or by their handler with the help of a professional trainer.

Detailed information on the following Assistance Dogs presented in the Tribute: Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs, Autism Service Dogs, Alzheimer Aid Dogs, Seizure Alert Dogs, Medical & Cancer Detection Dogs, Diabetic Response Dogs, Dementia Assistance Dogs, Severe Allergy Alert Dogs and Mobility Support Dogs.

Everyday Hero Dogs

Everyday Hero Dogs are the hundreds of thousands of pet Dogs living in homes throughout Australia that enrich our lives just by being around.

It would be impossible to describe in words the bond that we share with our Dogs, nor could we ever measure the value of the unconditional love they provide.

We paid tribute to our beautiful Every Day Hero Dogs at the show.

We would like to acknowledge the ongoing support of Nigel Allsopp who continues to work closely with us on the Hero Dog Tribute program and is one of the most respected and vocal ambassadors for Dogs in the country. Nigel has worked extensively with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and the Police Dog Squad and is the founder of the Australian War Animal Organisation (AWAMO). He has also just launched his new book ‘Australian War Animals 100 Years On’.