Black Hawk DockDogs


Outdoors - ground level access


Access to to the DockDogs attraction is via the door between stands 120 & 121.

10:00am – 4:00pm daily.

Download Black Hawk DockDogs Timetable 2019 (pdf 641 KB)

The Black Hawk DockDogs pool once again WOWed visitors with a wide range of breeds launching off a dock into a massive pool of water in a range of national competitions!

One of the most popular attractions at the Melbourne Dog Lovers Show was the Black Hawk DockDogs® which once again WOWed visitors with dozens of adrenaline-fuelled DockDogs® jumping into a custom-built pool of water in the National Competition.

For the first time we added stadium seating and a big screen to add to the energy and atmosphere – it was cauldron of canines and here’s a taste of the program if you missed it:

  • Big Air® is long jump for Dogs! K9 competitors start anywhere on the 40-foot dock, then run and jump into the water, chasing down a throw toy tossed by their handler. The official distance is judged from the end of the dock to where the Dog’s tail breaks the water’s surface.
  • Speed Retrieve® pits pooch against ticking clock! How it works: at the far end of the pool, a bumper toy is suspended above the water with a starting indicator above it. Competitors are positioned at the start line on the dock and when the light turns green, the handler releases the Dog to pull the toy from the Speed Retrieve® bracket, stopping the time clock.
  • Extreme Vertical® is high jump for Dogs! Competitors start at the 20-foot mark on the dock and jump up to grab a bumper toy extended from the end of the dock over the water.

View the Black Hawk DockDogs timetable below.