Ground Level


10:00am – 4:30pm daily.

Download 2018 Insta-Pooch Timetable (pdf 557 KB)

The Dog Lovers Show is connecting our BIGGEST fans with the most loved and followed pooches of Instagram in Melbourne once again!

We have dozens of famous Insta-Pooches walking the Insta-Pooch red carpet at the 2018 Dog Lovers Show.

Visit Insta-Pooch to meet, cuddle and snap a selfie with some of the ‘Stars of Instagram’ as they walk the red carpet in front of the puparazzi, take part in media interviews and take their place on giant thrones.

Our visitors will have the opportunity to meet these Doggy stars, have a little pat and take a snap to share across their own Instagram page!

See & download the PDF timetable above and a full timetable, handles and bios of these pawsome pooches will be available below closer to the show.

Here’s a snapshot of the red carpet and throne action from the 2017 Melbourne show…

I thought the red carpet walk was cute and the interviewers did a fantastic job with their lovely and friendly attitude. The questions they asked were well thought out as well. I must admit that the thrones were amazing! I wouldn’t mind taking one home.  – Miriam and Sparkle

Bentley & I just wanted to say a big thank you for letting us be a part of this year’s Dog lovers show! We had such a great weekend it was so much fun and we got to meet so many lovely people. – Melissa and Bentley

Thank you so much for inviting us to attend the Dog Lovers Show over the weekend, we had so much fun and would love to take part again in the future!  I also wanted to tell you both that the MCs and volunteers were all fantastic and make sure everything ran so smoothly across the three days. – Amy and Lenny

The number of times we hear people squeal and the older generation coming up to us to say `I grew up with a corgi` or `my mum used to have a corgi` were countless. These comments warmed my heart and I could see the nostalgia as they remember those memories.– Jaquie and Kiwi