Meet the Breeds Collective


Upstairs - Gallery level


9:30am – 5:00pm daily.

Meet and learn about more Dog breeds than ever before with the return of the Meet the Breeds Collective

Meet the Breed Collective will have wowed you this year.

Returning even bigger and better in 2019, seven main Breed Groups in Australia brought dozens of beautiful Dogs representing: Toy Dogs, Terriers, Gundogs, Hounds, Working Dogs, Utility and Non-Sporting Dogs.

Group 1. Toys: Full of Personality 

Toy breeds are smart, full of energy and many have strong, protective instincts. They are affectionate, sociable and adaptable to a wide range of lifestyle, making wonderful companions for people living in small houses and apartments.


Group 2. Terriers: Full of Personality

Terrier breeds are feisty and energetic and make great pets. They require determination on the part of the owner because they can be strong-willed.



Group 3. Gundogs: Fit for Function 

Gundog breeds are very trainable, bred to work in a group of people or Dogs, and remain under control from a distance. These are happy and friendly-natured Dogs and make ideal pets.


Group 4. Hounds: Sight & Scent 

Hound breeds are a diverse group but most share the common ancestral trait of being used for hunting. Reliable and sturdy Dogs, they have excellent stamina and make great companions.


Group 5. Working Dogs: With Boundless Energy 

Working Dogs are quick to learn and often excel at any duty that requires working alongside you. Working breeds are great companions for an active lifestyle.


Group 6. Utility: For Active Lifestyles

Utility Dogs were bred as protectors and family guardians. Many breeds within this group are large and require space, energy and a commitment to training.


Group 7. Non-Sporting – Fit for Function 

Non-sporting Dogs are more individual and diverse in their function, from pulling sleds to guarding duties. They do not fit into any of the other groups. These Dogs come in a variety of sizes, coat types, personalities and appearance.