Perfect Match


Gallery Level - Eastern End


9:30am – 5pm daily.

Perfect Match may hold the key to finding the best Dog breed for your lifestyle & home.

For a match to be perfect, it’s vitally important to consider all aspects of one’s lifestyle before  making the lifelong commitment to a new family member.

How it works: Visitors completed a detailed questionnaire on the Breed Selector presented by Bow Wow MeowThe program compiled all of the information and offered recommendations on the most suitable breeds for their lifestyle.

Questions cover areas including: 

  • Location: Do you have a backyard? Is your property securely fenced?
  • Character: Which personality traits would you like in your new best friend?
  • Activity: How often can you exercise your pooch? How much time can you dedicate to training a Dog?
  • Lifestyle: For what length of time would the Dog be left alone?
  • Family: Are there small children in the family?

The objective was to find the right home, environment and human parents for Dogs so they can live a long, healthy and happy life.

Once visitors were provided with the breed recommendations they could then speak directly to the Breed Clubs exhibiting and actually meet the Dogs at the Show and the people who live with them.

Dogs come in all shapes, sizes and personalities so, if you were looking for a new puppy, adult or rescue Dog then Bow Wow Meow‘s Perfect Match feature was there to help provide a lot of the information you needed to consider when finding the right Pooch for you and your family.