RACV Pet Insurance Stage


Ground Level - Northern Side


10:30am – 4:00pm daily.

Download RACV Pet Insurance Stage Timetable (pdf 438 KB)

The 2019 Melbourne Dog Lovers Show presented the all-new RACV Pet Insurance Stage with a wide array of talented speakers, new content and the all-time favourites!

Knowledge is power when it comes to a healthy, happy Dog and caring for your pooch. So, with this in mind we pulled together some of the nation’s best celebrity vets to educate and entertain visitors on the new RACV Pet Insurance Stage.

Visitors heard from Australia’s newest Bondi Vet, Dr Danni Dusek, who delved into the most common Dog-health problems with advice on the best ways of preventing them. Dr Lisa Chimes, leading emergency & critical care veterinarian presented at the Melbourne Show for the first time! Lisa took visitors behind the scenes of SASH – Small Animal Specialist Hospital so they could step inside a real-life surgery theatre and also presented her tips on how to prevent common household dangers for Dogs.

Much-loved TV vet Dr Katrina Warren, together with leading animal trainer Kelly Gill and the amazing Wonderdogs, unpacked their top tips for holidaying with four-legged companions as well as 5 cool tricks you could teach your Dog!

Peter Hitchener from Channel Nine (possibly Australia’s biggest Dog lover!) with the team from Lort Smith read the news on home emergency pet-care. Visitors could even experience a DOGA (Dog Yoga) class by the Rancan Sisters (Adele & Lisa) on the stylish, Australian, eco friendly yoga mats from State of Shanti.

Following is a quick overview of our presenters and you can check-out more information on their talks and speaking times in the timetable below: 

A quick study on Dr Danni DusekGraduate of Melbourne University’s Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Distinction). Works at Kingston Veterinary Hospital in Mentone, Victoria. Passionate about volunteering for Pets in the Park, helping the homeless care for their pets.

Get to know Dr Lisa Chimes: Emergency and critical care Veterinarian at the Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH). On TV series “Bondi Vet” since 2008 and, more recently, “Dr. Lisa to the Rescue” on the Nine Network. Author of “My First Puppy” and “My First Kitten”.

About Dr Katrina Warren, Kelly Gill & The Wonderdogs: Popular television vet, Dr Katrina Warren has teamed up with professional trainer, Kelly Gill and the Wonderdogs – a team of impeccably trained chocolate Border Collies.

Say hello to the Rancan Sisters: Adele & Lisa Rancan are leaders in the health and fitness industry. Introduced Australia to aerobics. Appeared on Channel 10’s “Good Morning Australia”. Combine their yoga-teaching expertise with their love of Dogs through DOGA. Presented a DOGA class on Channel 10’s the Bachelorette! 

Meet the MC: Brodie Young is returning to the Melbourne Dog Lovers Show in his new role as MC of the RACV Pet Insurance Stage. Brodie has developed a reputation as a vibrant, energetic and enthusiastic MC by securing TV hosting and acting roles on-ground sports host, television commercials and radio announcements all around Australia. Sadly he does not barrack for the Bulldogs…

View the full program timetable and bio’s below.