Animal Aid exists to unite people and pets for life.

We are committed to acting in the best interests of each and every animal that comes through our doors.

Through the promotion of responsible pet ownership and provision of the highest standard of care, Animal Aid is dedicated to improving the welfare of companion pets in our society.

We are passionate about advocating the adoption of companion pets, working to address the issues associated with animal homelessness and abolishing sub-standard animal breeding practices.

Animal Aid is an organisation that chooses to be great, not big.

  • Animal Aid is an open-door shelter that never refuses an animal in need
  • Animal Aid believes that all pets deserve the safety and comfort of a loving home
  • Our staff and volunteers treat all animals in our care with respect and dignity
  • Animal Aid works diligently to reunite lost pets with their owners
  • Animal Aid is committed to finding loving families for ALL temperamentally sound and healthy animals
  • Animal Aid does not put healthy, adoptable animals to sleep based on space, time or financial pressures


Stand Number: 557