Aussie Dog are global leaders in enrichment toys for zoo animals and companion animals.

The Aussie Dog company started in 1992 with the partnership of two unique characters –

Joe Parsons and a Frisbee obsessed blue heeler named “Mitch.”

Frisbees are often molded using very cheap plastics, and become brittle when exposed to UV, causing sharp ridges to form on the outer edge, and in Mitch’s case, these ridges caused terrible gum injuries.  Aussie Dog Joe decided to solve the problem, and designed the first “Dog Safe” Frisbee in human grade plastics in 1992.

Today Aussie Dog has over 30 Products in the range, manufacturers the majority of the range in Australia, and our toys all conform to our strict design principle –

“Our products must be safe, non-toxic and durable as well as stimulating a dog’s natural instincts of taste, smell, noise, touch & sight.”

Stand Number: 594