Geelong Animal Rescue is a No Kill, Not For Profit Rescue Group for Dogs and Cats.

We recently celebrated our 6th Birthday – a milestone we are very proud of. We volunteer our time, effort and resources because we are passionate about the rescue and rehabilitation of companion animals. Each animal gets the time needed to be ready for a forever home of their own – even if that means years in care!

Our Mission Statement is simple;

Our mission is to provide a voice for abandoned, neglected and unloved cats and dogs. We aim to provide compassion and quality of life for rescued animals via love and expert rehabilitation. Our ultimate goal is to re-home GAR animals into loving  ‘forever’  families. We desex every animal that comes into care to positively contribute to reducing the stray pet population of Victoria. We work closely with Victorian Pounds to help reduce their overpopulation and save lives.

You can’t change the world by helping one animal……but you will change the world for that one animal.

Stand Number: 523