A little about us: we are a team of individuals who are passionate about rescuing and rehoming German Shepherd dogs.

German Shepherd Rescue Victoria Inc. is a registered charity consisting of a passionate group of people dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming of German Shepherds. We are a not for profit organisation consisting solely of volunteers who donate their time and energy to the cause.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to use all our available resources to rescue and rehome as many GSDs as we possibly can within Victoria. It is our heartfelt endeavour to save as many of these dogs from being euthanized, abandoned or neglected, and we are committed to ensuring they are rehomed to safe and loving homes. We also partner with other GSD rescue/rehoming groups around Australia to work together to save our beloved German Shepherds.

How do we do this?

Through a network of volunteers made up of transporters, foster carers, dog trainers/behaviourists, administrators, fundraisers and donators who all work together to make this happen.

Where do we get our dogs from?

Our dogs come from a variety of sources, either from other rescue referrals, owners wishing to rehome their dogs or GSDs in pounds/shelters.

How does the process work?

Once a dog comes into our care, we transport the dog to the foster carer who cares for the rescue dog until they are adopted out. The rescue pays for all food, beds, collars, leads and vetwork for the rescue dog while in the care of the foster carer. If the dog needs to be desexed, microchipped and vaccinated, we will organise for the vetwork to be done whilst the dog is in foster care.

What do we need to make this happen?

We can never have enough volunteers and foster carers to help us. Without the kindness and generosity of people, we could not possibly do the work we do. As with all rescues, we also rely on donations, to not only pay for the vetwork and/or transport costs, but also food and supplies to equip our foster carers with what they need to care for our dogs.

How it all began

Georgie was adopted by our Founder, Ange, through GSD’s In Need in 2013. As with many rescue dogs, her background was largely unknown. Ange knew from the beginning that Georgie was a hard case; unsocialised, untrained and dog reactive. Her ears were fly blown and missing the tips, her fur was brittle, her teeth were a mess and she was very underweight at only 21kgs. She was terrified of the outside world and would bark and crocodile roll aggressively at anything – cars, motorbikes, other dogs, kids and adults.

With hard work, constant training and positive reinforcement, showing her that she was now safe and loved, the changes were amazing. Within the first few months, this gorgeous girl was rehabilitated into the most perfect dog you could ever imagine. Now at a healthy 32 kgs, Georgie is just beautiful with everyone and every dog. She is why GSRV exists. Ange knew that if Georgie could do it then so could so many others – if only they were given the chance. So, the decision was made to create that chance and German Shepherd Rescue Victoria was founded.

Stand Number: 504