Our Greyhounds live in foster care homes until they find their adoption home.

This introduces them to pet life, toilet-training and they learn how to behave inside the home as well as all the new experiences they get on their daily walks.  Many spend time in a home with another dog, some with a cat.
They are de-sexed, wormed, heartworm tested and treated, flea treated, C5 vaccinated and micro-chipped prior to going into foster care.  They then spend on average six to twelve weeks in a home environment prior to adoption, so by the time they are ready to move into the the wide world we have an excellent knowledge of individual requirements for their perfect forever home.
We are the Greyhound Pet People – our matching abilities are second to none!

We do not adopt out any of our Greyhounds on a “first come first served basis”, or by “prettiness”.  We will endeavour to match you with the right dog for your circumstances, with an equal priority for GSN to ensure you and your family will provide the best forever home for the Greyhound you adopt.

While in foster care, where feasible, our greyhounds are sent to GAP for their green collar assessment. This saves future owners the time and cost of sending their dog for assessment after adoption. Greyhounds that pass the assessment are not required to wear a muzzle in public places.

Your new friend will arrive with a collar, lead, designer coat and muzzle, and we will organise to have the microchip changed into your name.

An adoption fee of $295 applies to recover some of the costs associated with re-homing.

If you are unsure about adopting a Greyhound, you may wish to foster one before making a decision.
Check out our ‘Fostering a Greyhound’ page.

If you are interested in Greyhound Adoption or Greyhound Fostering, please phone Julie on 0431 747 130 or send an email.  We will be happy to discuss your preferences and needs.

Stand Number: 712