Houndztooth is for dog lovers. It’s for those people who have discovered the secret to true happiness comes from being around a dog. The kind of people who know that dogs are more than just pets, they’re part of the family.

The houndstooth textile pattern is a check with a dog/canine-tooth appendage near the corner on the flat side of the checked square.  The pattern has been around since at least 100BC when a garment covered in a houndstooth style pattern dating from this era was found in a Swedish peat bog. These days, the contemporary houndstooth check is made with alternating bands of four dark and four light threads to make a repeating pattern of a dog’s tooth. It has also been closely associated with traditional country clubs and high quality, luxury farm wear

The Houndztooth Brand is representative of the traditional houndstooth pattern in terms of its quality and sophistication but with a modern twist.

Founded in 2018 by Rachael Tricarico, Houndztooth brings together luxury and quality products that also focus on a dog’s wellbeing. Drawing on her experience as an equestrian rider and the quality leather, grooming and equine dietary products required for showing and dressage Houndztooth combines Rachael’s experience and dedication preparing horses for competitions with her years working in Australia’s pet industry.

Every dog who ever passed through our home was instantly a member of the family. Growing up playing on a wide expanse of beautiful Australian farmland, I learned the true meaning of a dog’s life. Coco, our German Shepherd, believed that she was a fierce hunter, chasing large livestock and ruffling feathers in the hen house. 
Then came Charlie, a beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who we rescued from the side of the road. We gave Charlie the best ten years of her life starting that day, taking her on long morning walks and bringing her along for horse riding competitions. It was as much of a dream life for Charlie and Coco as it was a dream upbringing for me – after all, a childhood with no dogs is no childhood at all. 
As an adult, I’ve raised my family in the city, but kept the same philosophy – our pets are our family. Hugo, our English Staffordshire Bullterrier, lived to be 14 years old, spending most of his days making new furry friends, napping, and digging for gold at the beach. What more could a pup ask for? 
Today, Hugo’s legacy lives on in Stella, his great grand niece and four-legged matriarch of our family. Stella would love nothing more than to be taken on a car ride every day. And despite the old-fashioned rules our previous dogs followed, she still manages to sneak into my daughter’s bed at night to cuddle. Every collar, every leash, every shampoo, every dog bowl in our collection is an ode to these dogs – that’s why we’ve named our grooming line after Hugo, Stella, Coco, and Charlie. 
These pups, my upbringing, and years of experience in horse riding have shaped my philosophy around animals. Our dogs deserve only the best. Houndztooth products were intentionally designed and formulated with the highest quality materials and ingredients to create the best a dog can get.

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