Raw Feeders’ Kitchen are the proud makers of PROUDI® – human grade raw food for dogs and cats, and YumGuard® – human grade natural nutritional supplements for dogs and cats.

Our Story

In 2017, Raw Feeders’ Kitchen was founded on the simple belief that pets deserve better. Dennis, an entrepreneur and animal lover, sought to invest in a quality Australian dog food- something that he could trust enough to feed to his own French bulldog, Fergus, and his domestic short-haired called Muffin

His expectations were simple – food with high quality, natural and nutritionally appropriate ingredients. After an extensive search including numerous meetings, factory visits and hours spent conducting personal research, it became apparent that nothing on the market could live up to these expectations. And so, Dennis made it his mission to create his own organisation that raised the standards in pet nutrition.

That’s when Raw Feeders’ Kitchen was born.

The mission: to break down pet food stereotypes and provide the best quality nutrition for dogs and cats. Dennis and his team of food scientists and animal nutritionists worked tirelessly, putting heart and soul into developing premium products he could trust.

Dennis’s philosophy is, “The quality of ingredients defines the health of the animal.” That’s why nothing goes into the Raw Feeder’s Kitchen products that we wouldn’t put on our own plates. Our PROUDI® patties contain 100% human grade ingredients, minimally processed in an Australian human grade facility and scientifically formulated to perfectly meet the nutritional needs of dogs and cats. Our YumGuard Chlorella is a 100% human-grade nutritional supplement for dogs and cats, free from all additives and preservatives, just pure and simple natural-born nutrients, scientifically proven to benefit your pet’s health.

We are proud to be an Australian company, proud of the work we do, and proud to do it all for the health and happiness of the dogs and cats who make our lives complete.

Raw Feeder’s Kitchen is a company you can rely on to support the wellbeing of your companion animals, born from the dedication one man has for a dog called Fergus, and a cat called Muffin…

Because Love Tastes Like PROUDI®

YumGuard® – Give your pet a boost!


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