What is so good about a Reggie Rope, you ask?

It doesn’t just look good, it actually works!!
1 Accessory Ring – Poo Bags, Keys
2 Quick Lock Carabines – Rated up to 450kg
3 Funky Colours & Various Lengths Available
4 Swivel Carabines – Eliminates Tangle!
5 8mm Climbing Rope – Rated up to 450kg
6 No Stitching to come undone
7 Large Handle
8. Western Australian made using Western Australian manufactured rope

Stand Number: 110A

Show Specials

Our range includes:
1 Walking leads in 1.3m, 1.7m and 3m
2. Beach leads in 1.3m, 1.7m and 3m
3. Doubles – to walk two dogs at a time
4. Adjustable joggers lead
5 Slip leads