We are the Australian manufactures of the ultra-tough TuffMat! and the luxurious PlushMat! and the Australian distributors for the ultra-durable SodaPup toy range.

The TuffMat!! is a ultra-tough and versatile dog bed, it’s filled with supportive Enduro Foam, and fully sealed in our rip-resistant and waterproof high denier material. Great for dogs that like to scratch at their beds, older dogs, dogs that are incontinent or dogs that love playing in water and mud. Whilst most other beds are filled with Dacron or sprayed with a water-resistant spray, the TuffMat! retains it’s support through our Enduro Foam and the material is 100% waterproof.

The PlushMat! is Australia’s luxury dog bed. Gorgeous colours and plush fabrics are where this bed start. Our fabrics come from the global leading fabric supplier and are second to none. Being commercial quality, they are designed for high wear and repetitive washing, making them perfect for dogs. The PlushMat! is fully customisable and has 12 colours, with three more soon to be added – you can even change the Piping to change the whole look of the bed. The inside of the PlushMat! is also Enduro Foam – offering the same comfort and support benefits as the TuffMat!

Our Enduro Foam is utilised in expensive mattresses and in the health care space, such as hospitals and aged care. It’s designed to offer ultimate support – and it’s specific design is for those that require wound pressure support or those that are bariatric. The Enduro Foam is rot-resistant, mould-resistant and anti-microbial, meaning fleas and nasties can’t live within it.

We are also the Australia distributors for SodaPup, a USA made range of ultra-tough dog toys. We know you’ve heard that before, “ultra-tough”, but these toys really are. And they’re all natural too! Designed with the modern dog and owner in mind, all toys are 100% natural, non-toxic and come from latex trees, with all manufacturing completed in the U.S. with strict quality control. The range is huge, but the proprietary compounds make these toys tough as anything. We put our money where our mouth is too, and our Magnum Can Toy range comes with a 6-month guarantee that your dog can’t destroy it!

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