The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Victoria was affiliated in 1975 with the Victorian Canine Association and held its first show for breed enthusiasts in the same year. The club aims to undertake the following:

To promote and encourage the breeding, training and responsible ownership of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and raise the standards and exhibition of registered Staffordshire Bull Terriers.The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Victoria Inc (1975) is the one stop shop for stafford lovers.It is a great place to come and learn all there is to know about your Stafford and purchase Stafford merchandise. Find us on the web and attend one or more of the many events that we run each year including: 2 championship shows and 1 open show, stafford only obedience classes, a stafford fun day specifically for pet owners and member show competitions. The club also offers advice on breed suitability, purchasing, health, participates in Pet Expos and occasionally runs breed seminars.Join the club (membership is very reasonable and affordable for everyone!) and receive The Stafford Bulletin twice a year. This publication includes articles on history, health, Stafford stories, rescue information, show results, photos and plenty of tips and tools.


Brought into existence in the early 1800s, is a cross between the bulldog of the day and the old English terrier – a breed which is now extinct. The early dogs did not have very specific pedigrees because the importance was a game fighting dog. The miners and ironworkers of Staffordshire began to foster the breed nad the qualities of gameness, intelligence and loyalty were developed.


  • Grooming Needs: Low maintainence due to its short coat, which needs a regular brushing and occasional bath.
  • Coat Type: Smooth, short-haired coat.
  • Moulting: Moderate shedding.
  • Exercise Needs: Regular daily walks are recommended. They have a tremendous stamina therefor require daily exercise and regular mental stimulation.
  • Average Life Span: 12 – 14 years.


  • Family: A breed that needs to be a family member and included in activities. As they are an extremely strong, active dog they need to be supervised around small children. However, on the whole if brought up with children they tend to be gentle and tolerant and a loyal, devoted family pet.
  • Temperament: Bold, fearless and totally reliable.
  • Trainability: Intelligent, persistent, boisterous they need a confident owner who is consistent with their dogs training.
  • Sociability (Other Pets): Live happily with other pets provided they are trained and socialised from an early age.
  • Barking: High tendency.


The Staffordshire Bull Terrier are known for doing everything full throttle! They are extremely affectionate and can be very obedient. They are very strong and muscular for their size.


Stand Number: 632