Super Feedy is a lifestyle pet brand with an innovative slow feeder bowl uniquely designed to elevate mealtimes for you and your doggo’s.

We’re changing the way dogs eat for good with a One-of-a-Kind 4-in-1 Slow Feeder for happier, healthier dogs. The Australian-owned and designed premium slow feeder naturally slows your dog down at chow time, as well as a reversible lick mat that acts as a lid for easy delicious food prep doubling up as a dog-friendly travel bowl for your canine adventures.

Stand Number: 423

Show Specials

The Super Feedy Slow Feeder Bowl is a unique way to help your dog engage a better, healthier relationship with food. You’ll get a show special up to 30% off! Come visit us at stand 423!

New Product

Super Feedy | Contains all of the essentials you need to provide a healthier feeding experience for your dog and a more pleasing everyday routine for you.