Based in Victoria Australia, our rescue organisation Sweet Shepherd Rescue Australia Inc. (SSRAI) has been developed for the purpose of rescuing German Shepherd dogs (GSD’s) of all ages.

Did you know that these beautiful animals are being euthanised in pounds throughout Victoria. It is our sole purpose to rescue and re-home as many of these beautiful dogs as we possibly can.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to rescue as many GSD’s from being euthanised in pounds located in Victoria, regardless of age. We then re-home these beautiful dogs with foster carers while we establish the needs of each individual dog, so we can match them with suitable owners. We value our foster care network and volunteer community who without them, we would not be able to undertake the rescue service that we do. SSRAI will continue to work, rescue and provide foster care for GSD’s in need until a forever home is found.

Sweet Shepherd Rescue Australia Inc.

SSRAI is run from a fabulous 10 acre property currently housing 9 GSD’s. As a foster care network system we have carers with dogs in homes all around Victoria.

The Sweet Shepherd organisation is run by Samantha Nicholls, who is dedicated to helping the German Shepherd breed.

We could not do this without our foster care network. We work closely with our carers as we want them to continue to feel valued, and appreciate all their tireless efforts in rescuing GSD’s.

How does SSRAI rescue GSDs?

There are two primary environments where we rescue GSD’s from; the Pound and Online/Surrenders.

At present, it is unfortunate but we are unable to rescue dogs that have been labelled by the Pound as ‘aggressive’ as this requires specialised carers. As we move forward and as we move to consolidate and educate our carers we will be able to assist these dogs. There will be some circumstances where by the discretion of the founder we will personally take on these dogs for rehabilitation, they will not be spread through foster homes.

Most Pounds provide us with an assessment, however sometimes this assessment is not suitable and we then need to visit the pound to view the dog. If we ourselves are unable to view the dog we seek out an independent assessor to view them.

SSRAI however are able to rescue GSD’s with the following issues:

  • Food agression
  • Aversion to cats
  • Emaciation
  • Illness
  • Behavioural concerns
  • Training issues

We are then able to match the dog with a suitable carer. This is generally a very fast process so their time in the Pound is limited.

People often sell or give away their dogs Online for many reasons. SSRAI’s goal is to ensure that any GSD that is in an unsuitable home, is in danger, is not desexed and can fall prey to a Back Yard Breeder (BYB), is rescued as soon as possible. If necessary, SSRAI will immediately rescue the dog, then seek a suitable carer.

Stand Number: 704