The Dog Lovers Show was developed to celebrate our Best Friends and to educate, entertain and inform Dog Owners & Lovers, not Dogs.

The Dog Lovers Show was developed to educate, entertain and inform Dog Lovers, not Dogs. It presents a unique opportunity to meet and connect with more than 1,000 beautiful Dogs and learn more about our wonderful canine companions and we have worked hard to ensure that this is under controlled conditions for the safety and welfare of Dogs and people.

We could never deliver this level of care to visitor Dogs, especially as we expect around 40,000 people to attend again and over 90% of our visitors own one or more Dogs. We would also need to test the behaviour of every Dog prior to entry and review their vaccination certificates which would just not be possible.

And of course the issue of where to do their ‘business’ in an indoor venue, the smell/mess, how to clean it up and the queues and frustration this would all create. As a family-friendly event, the Show also welcomes a lot of kids and, as we all know, it’s impossible to predict let alone control the behaviour of all children (i.e. tail pulling and hug tackles!) so, allowing visitor Dogs would be just too dangerous.

So, for these numerous reasons and primarily due to the love and respect we have for our beloved Dogs, we trust you understand our reasons behind the policy not to allow visitor Fur-kids into the Show.

Please also do not tie your Dogs up outside and never leave them locked in cars. Any visitors leaving an unattended Dog outside the venue or in cars around the precinct will be reported to authorities immediately. If visitors do arrive with their Pooch, the only option will be to return home, drop the Dog off and return to the Show.

Rest assured that there are hundreds of Dogs to meet at the Show, and your Pooch will love you even more for attending as you’ll go home packed with all the latest goodies to reward them and understand so much more about what makes them happy and healthy!

Please note: Visitors with accredited Assistance or Service Dogs are able to bring their Dogs into the Show.  To receive entry into the Dog Lovers Show you will need to provide evidence that your Assistance Dog is formally trained to help you manage your disability.  If your Dog has a PTV pass, that is sufficient evidence.

Thank you for your understanding!