Live Inspirational Dog Art


Hordern Pavilion
Royal Hall of Industries (RHI)


1:20pm on the Kong Celebrity Vet Stage daily.

3:30pm at the Royal Canin Arena daily.

Visitors had their breath taken away by Matteo Charles’ modern Dog art performances!

Born and raised in Sydney Australia, Matteo Charles is a self-taught artist who found refuge in all things creative from a very young age.  Matteo constantly felt different from the norm, and art, in some form or another, was always present in his life.  Art delivered comfort to the young, quiet and curious being.

Visitors joined Matteo on the KONG Celebrity Vet Stage and Royal Canin Arena daily as he delivered stunning live art performances, painting portraits of our Best Friends. In just 10 minutes, on Saturday Matteo painted the two most popular breeds that you voted for on Facebook (Husky at the Royal Canin Arena and Griffon Bruxellois on the KONG Celebrity Vet Stage) as well as on Sunday painted one of the Service Dog’s we recognised in our new Hero Dog Tribute (General the Black Labrador on the KONG Celebrity Vet Stage)and a Dobermann (at the Royal Canin Arena) from one of the Dogs NSW Breed Clubs, a favourite of Matteo’s!

It does not do the live experience justice, but below is a short video that provides a glimpse into what it was like to experience Matteo’s creative talent. The energy, passion and raw talent he brings to each performance made this spectacle a must-see for every visitor at the 2017 Sydney Dog Lovers Show.