Hall 2


9:30am-5pm daily

Make-A-Wish is one of Australia’s most trusted charities and part of largest wish-granting organisation in the world.

Visitors could come and visit the Make-A-Wish stand #720 to learn about the incredible wishes created for children with life-threatening illness, including the all-time favourite puppy wishes!

A puppy brings more than fleeting joy and comfort for kids with critical illnesses. It’s about love, loyalty and hope, providing a welcome distraction and long-term companionship for sick children when they need it most.

On average, Make-A-Wish grants one puppy wish most months (10-11 per year), with each wish carefully designed and delivered to best complement a child’s medical treatment.

Here’s how your tax-deductible donation could have helped sick kids experience Puppy Power:

  • $3,250 – can cover a puppy purchase, depending on the age and breed
  • $600 – can cover pet insurance for 12 months, including accident and illness cover
  • $399 – can help with initial vet expenses, including vaccination and de-sexing
  • $190 – can help purchase accessories, like a collar, bedding and toys
  • $170 – can go towards other expenses, like local council registration and puppy school

The cost of long-lasting and unconditional love… priceless!

We raised enough funds at the show to help grant one of our upcoming puppy wishes.