Perfect Match


Royal Hall of Industries (RHI)


9:30am – 5pm daily.

Perfect Match helped visitors find the most suitable Dog breed for their lifestyle and home.

The Perfect Match feature presented by Bow Wow Meow has been designed to help you find the most suitable Dog breeds for your lifestyle and home.

Visitors of the show were able to complete the Breed Selector, which included a detailed questionnaire and the program compiled all the information and offered some recommendations on the most suitable breeds for each visitor’s lifestyle.

Some of the questions that are designed to help find the perfect breed for any Dog lover covered areas such as: location, if the visitor has a backyard and if their property is secured. They also touched on the personality types and features one must looking for in a new best friend and how often they can exercise their Pooch. Other considerations like the length of time their Dog would be left alone, if  they have small kids and if they have the time to dedicate to training were asked to ensure all aspects of the visitor’s life were considered before they make the lifelong commitment to a new family member.

The objective is also to find the right home, environment and human parents for Dogs too so they can live a long, healthy and happy life.

Once visitors were provided with the breed recommendations they then had the option to speak directly to the Breed Clubs exhibiting and actually meet the Dogs at the Show, which included the Ask-The-Breeders stage dedicated to informing visitors on dozens of  breeds accross the two show days.

So if you’re looking for a new puppy, adult or rescue Dog then the Perfect Match zone at the next Dog Lovers Show will help provide a lot of the information you need to consider to help find the right Dog for you and your family.