Save-A-Bed Collection Bins


Hordern Pavilion
Royal Hall of Industries (RHI)


9:30am – 5pm daily.

We were delighted to work with the lovely team at Snooza on their Save-a-Bed scheme.

The Dog Lovers Show was delighted to work with the lovely team at Snooza to have their Save-a-Bed collection bins around the event to collect any old, pre-loved or unwanted Snooza Dog beds that were donated to pet rescue organisations.

Sadly as we all know there’s a high demand out there for beds & blankets for homeless, stray & abused animals. Snooza’s Save-a-Bed Scheme tries to help where they can by collecting and donating beds to rescue organisations and animal shelters.

We know that as your pets grow your tastes change, new products are released (this one’s our fault really!), or you simply need to upgrade your current bed, you might just end up with a Snooza bed that you no longer need. So rather than just creating landfill, if it’s still in reasonable condition, why not share the love & pass it on.

If visitors had a bed that they no longer needed, visitors brought it along and dropped it into one of the two Snooza Save-a-Bed bins.