Sheepdog Speed Trials


Outside Forecourt


11:00am – 4:30pm Daily

Download Syd 2018 SheepDog Speed Trials Timetable (pdf 1 MB)

The country comes to the city for this unique taste of farm-life!




Visitors got a rare opportunity to see how invaluable working Dogs are for our farmers as the country came to the city for the inaugural Sydney Dog Lovers Sheepdog Speed Trials.

Australian Working Dog Rescue presented the Sheepdog Speed Trials; where purpose bred working Dogs were put through their paces, safely moving real sheep through a course, just as they would on the farm.

With expert commentary, acclaimed judges, and the chance to get up close and personal, it was a truly unique opportunity to view a part of Australian farming heritage at its absolute finest.

Visitors discovered and learnt the intricacies of working Dogs; the years of training, how important genetics are, how puppies learn, the role of experienced dogs, how the working dog breeds differ, how some dogs have different skills to others, as the working dogs work the sheep in quintessential Aussie style.

There was even the opportunity to try and direct a dog yourself!