Main Stage


Royal Hall of Industries (RHI)


10:00am – 4:30pm Daily

The 2019 Melbourne Dog Lovers Show presents the all-new Main Stage with a wide array of talented speakers, new shows and our all-time favourites!

Get expert tips for a healthier, happier Dog with free talks on the stage from experts including Dr Katrina Warren, Kelly Gill and the incredible Wonderdogs. More exciting presenters to be announced early next year!

We welcome back the following presenters and pleased to announce new talent for the 2019 program:

Dr Katrina Warren, Kelly Gill & the Wonderdogs

Popular television vet, Dr Katrina Warren has teamed up with professional trainer, Kelly Gill and the Wonderdogs; a team of impeccably trained chocolate border collies. The Wonderdogs are seasoned performers and have appeared with Katrina on the Today Show, Morning Show, Funniest Home Videos, Saturday Disney and Talk to the Animals. They have also starred in numerous TV commercials and feature films and it’s a very rare opportunity to see them all perform here at the show in Melbourne.



Dr Kate Adams – The newest Bondi Vet! 

Dr Kate Adams is the co-owner of Bondi Vet Hospital and is one of the new Bondi Vets set to appear on Channel 9 in 2019

Having graduated from Murdoch University in Perth, Dr Kate has worked all over Australia with animals big and small but now calls Bondi home. She lives in Sydney’s east and is owned by her 12 year old Golden Retriever, Ben and her 19 year old ginger cat, Gilbert. Dr Kate is a self confessed serial entrepreneur being the founder of tech company, Thankly, as well as co-founder of Mister Woof.

Dr Kate is passionate about pet nutrition, behaviour and preventative integrative health. She is excited by pet tech and new innovations in pet health that improve the lives of our pets.

Dr Kate doesn’t get much spare time – she is a lifelong learner and is a firm believer that if you find what you love to do, you’ll never work a day in your life. She calls it ‘following your feathers’.

What does she love most about dogs? “Dogs bring so much to our loves – they teach us about unconditional love – they don’t care about what we do for a job or the car we drive, and they are there in the good times and the hard times. They make me laugh everyday and they make us better humans. We owe it to them to give them the happiest and healthiest life we possibly can.”

You can follow her adventures @drkateadams on Instagram or Facebook.