Donate with a Mate Stage


Hall 2


10:30am – 4:15pm Daily

Download Donate with a Mate Stage Timetable (pdf 3 MB)

The 2019 Sydney Dog Lovers Show presented the all new Donate with a Mate Stage with a wide array of talented speakers, new content and our all time favourites!

Visitors got expert tips for a healthier, happier Dog with free talks on the all new Donate with a Mate Stage from experts including the newest Bondi Vet Dr Kate Adams, celebrity vet Dr Lisa Chimes, the much-loved Dr Katrina Warren, Kelly Gill and the incredible Wonderdogs, plus TV vet legend Dr Harry Cooper sharing their wisdom on the Donate with a Mate Stage at Sydney Dog Lovers Show.

Following is a quick overview of our presenters and you can check-out their topics and speaking times in the timetable below: 

Meet Dr Harry Cooper: born and raised in Sydney. Graduate of Sydney University’s Faculty of Veterinary Science in December 1965 aged 21. Hosted Channel 7 series ‘Talk to the Animals’ and ‘Harry’s Practice’ and still remains on ‘Better Homes and Gardens‘ providing pet information and advice to viewers.

A quick study on Dr Kate Adams: Co-owner of Bondi Vet Hospital. Graduate of  Murdoch University in Perth. Now calls Bondi home. Self confessed serial entrepreneur, founder of tech company Thankly, as well as co-founder of Mister Woof.

Get to know Dr Lisa Chimes: Emergency and critical care Veterinarian at the Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH). On TV series “Bondi Vet” since 2008 and, more recently, “Dr. Lisa to the Rescue” on the Nine Network. Author of “My First Puppy” and “My First Kitten”.

About Dr Katrina Warren, Kelly Gill & The Wonderdogs: Popular television vet, Dr Katrina Warren has teamed up with professional trainer, Kelly Gill and the Wonderdogs – a team of impeccably trained chocolate Border Collies.

Say hello to the Rancan Sisters: Adele & Lisa Rancan are leaders in the health and fitness industry. Introduced Australia to aerobics. Appeared on Channel 10’s “Good Morning Australia”. Combine their yoga-teaching expertise with their love of Dogs through DOGA. Presented a DOGA class Channel 10’s “The Bachelorette”!