Volunteer Applications for the 2019 Sydney Dog Lovers Show will open in May!

2019 Sydney Dog Lovers Show volunteer applications open in May. Please check back with this page to submit your online applications then!

In the meantime, if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact Faith at Event Management International on (03) 9696 9961.

Requirements include:

Supporting the Show Coordinator, Operations Manager and Sales Team across a wide range of tasks including front-of-house, ticketing, crowd control, information desk, organiser’s office and assisting in the efficient delivery of the various features including the Arena, Stages, Pat-A-Pooch, Ask-A-Vet, Perfect Match and Face Painting.

Some words from past volunteers:

Thank you and the Dog Lovers Show team for the amazing opportunity. I had an amazing time and would love to work again with yourself and the rest of the teamTheresa.

“Just wanted to say thank you again for having me over Friday and Saturday last week. I had so much fun, it wasn’t like ‘work’ at all!Claudia.

The Dog Lovers Show was my first volunteer role, my first events role and my first look into the industry as whole. I actually enjoyed basically everything. Observing your role and seeing what it’s like has shown me there is some challenges, but that’s what makes the day go by. I like to be challenged. So thank you for the opportunity to have been part of the events team.Daniel.