If you want to keep your dog active and feeling great, stand #202 is the place to be this Dog Lovers Show.

Visit us to discover 4CYTETM Canine, a natural joint health supplement proven to help maintain or restore mobility in dogs affected by age, injury or osteoarthritis. We’ll have exclusive show specials across our 4CYTETM Canine range, as well as our human product, OSTEO-RestoreTM.

The world’s only joint health product powered by EPIITALIS®, 4CYTETM treats the cause – not just the symptoms – of joint disease. It achieves this by restoring cartilage through regeneration, preventing joint degradation, protecting healthy cartilage and relieving inflammation and pain.

Try 4CYTETM, and you’ll soon see why its Australasia’s highest selling natural animal joint health product. Get started with our ‘show only’ offers, or talk to us about what it can do for your dog. We’ll be waiting!

Stand Number: 202

Show Specials

Visit us at Stand 202 to see our Show Specials!