The Purina Petlife Airtech Hybrid Mattress is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Made of a unique interwoven Airfiber & High Density Memory Form Core, this dog bed will help your pet achieve a deeper, more restful sleep.

Why it’s different

Unlike conventional memory foam or a poly fibre filled pet mattress, the Purina Petlife Airtech Mattress instantly adjusts to your pet’s body movements.

As they exert less energy at night, they wake up feeling more refreshed.

Why a deeper sleep can be achieved for your pet

With unprecedented body weight support, this mattress results in greater body pressure distribution which minimises intensive pressure on your pet’s body, providing a supportive, yet soft, pressure relieving sleep surface.

Designed for optimal ventilation, the inner cover directs moisture and heat away from your pet’s body, giving Airtech amazing breath ability, keeping your loved one cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter.

It’s antimicrobial eye-mesh inner cover inhibits growth of pathogens and bacteria, making it ideal for pets with skin sensitivities.

Available in 4 sizes (XS, S, M and L) and 3 colours (charcoal, seaweed and Sunkist).

Stand Number: 804-806

Show Specials

Visit our stand to see our Dog Lover’s Show Special price, across all 4 sizes and colours.

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