Part of the Beagle Club of NSW Inc, Beagle Rescue NSW is a small group of volunteers committed to the rescue and rehoming of Beagles in need in NSW.

Our aim is to help find home for Beagles who have been adandoned, surrendered or are available for rehoming from owners who are unable to keep them. We aim to educate potential owners about the breed to help decrease the number of unwanted Beagles who are surrendered due to owners having unrealistic expectations. Since March 2003, BRN has helped over 1,580 Beagles find their forever homes. We do not have a centralised shelter, fosters are cared for in the homes of our small number of dedicated carers.

Beagle Club of NSW Inc.: The Beagle Club of NSW Inc was formed in 1964, membership is open to anyone interested in the promotion and welfare of Beagles and who generally have a lover for this wonderful breed. The Club aims to protect and promote the integrity of the Beagle breed. We provide education and support to both existing and potential Beagle owners. The Club is affiliated with DogsNSW.

Stand Number: 446