The Border Collie Club of NSW will be offering the public a chance to meet and interact with our beautiful and most versatile breed. Our dogs will be available for ‘hands on’ interaction.

A variety of dogs will be on display from Champions in the Show Ring, Obedience, Rally’O or Agility Trials or Herding Champions. Dogs who participate in Heelwork to Music or Dancing with Dogs and of course Pet Dogs.  It doesn’t matter what our Borders do in their private lives (or somewhat famous public lives), they are all basically and most importantly, loved members of our families. Come and visit the most gorgeous and family orientated dog breed.

Our Club is proactive in helping to fund research into canine diseases. If applicable, the research findings are shared with counterpart human researchers to benefit everyone.

When you visit our stand you may see a Champion or dogs performing much loved tricks or you may see a very placid old timer who just loves to be patted.  Whichever dogs are on the stand when you visit you can be assured they will greet you with a warm Border Collie grin and wagging tail.

Come to our stand and be advised on before purchasing your dog from a reputable breeder; which questions to ask, issues to be aware of, what to expect from your breeder both pre and post purchasing. Pointers and thoughts on current  positive  training methods, grooming, feeding, exercising and playing with your new family member.

Your responsibilities as a pet owner. All this and more while you get to interact with the most intelligent family loving dog who is good looking as well!

We may even be able to defuse some of the urban myths which abound about living with a Border Collie, or incorrect terms that are used to describe the coat colour, maybe you are unsure if your family or you are the right people to include a Border Collie in your family.

Our Club holds Obedience, Agility and Herding trials and Breed Shows twice each year. It is here that you can watch novice to champion dogs strut their stuff. They love to be encouraged and show off their specialty. We also have a bi-monthly Newsletter informing members of results,  pertinent information and articles.

Our website has important information pertaining to hereditary diseases, testing available for Border Collies, best practice breeding guidelines, purchasing guidelines and more.

We also run a Border Collie Rescue which has its own website . Unfortunately circumstances arise where there is a need for the rescue of Border Collies of either sex and all ages. The Club supports this challenging but unfortunately necessary service. The rewards of opening your heart to take in a rescue are wonderful. There may be a rescued Border at our Breed Stall when you visit. Looking forward to your visit at the Dog Lovers Show, Sydney.


Stand Number: 922