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Your pet problems are BUSTED with Boredom Busters. As a team of loving pet parents ourselves, we strive to provide you with the ideas, products and support to provide your pet with a happier, healthier well-being. Visit the Boredom Busters stand for great trial offers on our range of engaging toys, tasty training snacks, naturopathic remedies, stain destroyers, h20 on the go, stylish accessories and so much more!

Stand Number: 300

New Product

Spunky Pup Ball Blaster

The latest range of Boredom Busters have landed. The Spunky Pup Ball Blaster is a launcher that provides hours of play for your pet. This Boredom Buster is air pump powered, blasting every ball further with each pump. The Ball Blaster launches up to 20m sending your pet on a huge ball chase. The scoop front allows you to pick up the ball avoiding slobber on your fingers. Blaster includes a free Spunky Pup ball so you are immediately ready to blast off with fun. The lightweight and ergonomic design makes this launcher easy to carry, use and reload. The Ball Blaster Boredom Buster will get your dog moving and is great fun for you and your pooch to enjoy.

West Paw Echo Range- Zwig

A perfect Boredom Buster ideal for interactive engagement, dual dog fetch or independent play. New twist on the ol’ stick, “The Zwig” has a hollow, squishy feel that is lightweight and has plenty of give. As pet parents, it is important you give your dog a safe and interactive toy that will help stimulate your pet’s brain to support happy and healthy growth. Play built for moderate chewers, this Boredom Buster has an intriguing shape that is easy to throw, catch or carry. The ‘Love It Guarantee’ means you get a one-time replacement on your West Paw product if you or your pooch are unhappy with it.  We 100% guarantee this is built tough, and built to last many years of play!

West Paw Echo Range- Rando

A Boredom Buster built for moderate chewers with a unique flat bottom for unpredictable motion and notched sides for directional changes and aerodynamics. The Rando is a durable ball that compresses with bounce back resistance. This West Paw Rando is great for keeping your pet occupied when your backs are turned and they are after something to chew on.  With the ‘Love It Guarantee’ if you or your pet just aren’t happy with your chosen Boredom Buster, we will replace it absolutely free.